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At ECC regardless of the service, you bring your vehicle to us for you will confident in the superior service being offered. From Collision to restoration, from maintenance to glass repair we will always have your best interests at hand. Year after year our clients not only keep returning for their automotive needs but recommend us to their closest friends and family.

When your vehicle has weathered a storm or two and its is starting to show its age. Bring it to us and we will return it to its former glory. our trained staff has worked on everything fron Austins to Zephers...

Collisions can be traumatic, let ECC take the pain away. Our trained staff are experts in finding structural and chassis issues. Only using Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, paints and coatings to maintain continuity with the originals. 

Most dents and dings can be repaired without serious paint work. Our trained staff has the knowledge and the expertise to remove these blemishes as if they were never there.

ECC uses only Manufacturer approved paints and coatings. Doing so allows us to provide you with a Lifetime Limited Warranty for your vehicle. Please see us for details.

Did you know that not all windshields are in need of being replaced when chipped? Our experts can assess the damage and save you costly repairs. Should you need a new windshield then we only use Manufacturers approved replacement glass. 

If a mechanical issue has you down and out then allow us at ECC to address the challenge. Our partnerships with all manufacturers will assist you in getting back on the road. With ECC there is no need to go to the dealer as we always have a licenced mechanic to serve your needs.

Remember not all cars can be towed in the same manner. Front, Rear, Flatbeds and Dollies. Please contact us before ever attempting to move a vehicle. Regardless of how the vehicle needs to be towed ECC is proud to offer complimentary towing to our facility.

Should you require a vehicle while yours is at our facility... In most cases we can supply you with a vehicle at no charge regardless we will never leave without mobility. 

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